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From Software Engineer to YouTuber
From Software Engineer to YouTuber
Learn about Ryan's journey from engineer to military journalist

In today’s episode of Startup Hustle, Matt Watson and Ryan McBeth, owner of Ryan McBeth Productions talk about Ryan’s journey from software engineer to YouTuber. Ryan runs a very popular YouTube channel covering military and Ukraine war topics. His channel has over 700,000 followers! You can also check out his Substack:

Hear them discuss the secrets of content creation and the keys to monetizing short-form and long-form videos. Plus, learn about Orange Smash and why creating dilemmas for your competitors is better than problems.

Listen to Matt and Ryan as they walk down memory lane. Find out why Ryan went into the military, what led him to software engineering, and when he started a YouTube channel.

They also discuss how to balance the life of a software engineer and YouTuber talking about open-source intelligence. Get some insights on paid partnerships and YouTube earnings.

Do you want to know what it takes to make short vs. long-form content? Join the conversation in this Startup Hustle episode now.

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